Live Music and Art at Puerto La Boca in Little Italy, San Diego

Going out to eat is not all about the food. While delicious food can make or break a meal, part of enjoying a delightful evening at a restaurant is about the ambience. You eat most of your meals in the familiarity of your home or office, and a night out allows you to enjoy a new and exciting atmosphere.

A variety of different factors can create an enticing ambience, from decor to the location, but one of the best ways is with live music and art. At Puerto La Boca, we feature a vibrant environment by featuring live music and amazing artwork at our Little Italy location.

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What Kind of Entertainment is at Puerto La Boca?

Puerto La Boca offers live music and incredible artwork at our San Diego location, transporting you from our restaurant in Little Italy to the streets of Buenos Aires! You will find live piano and guitar played by incredible musicians for your listening pleasure, creating a fun and festive environment.

When Does Puerto La Boca Host Live Music?

In general, Puerto La Boca features live music on Wednesday nights from 6 to 9 pm, and Friday and Saturday evenings from 7 to 10 pm. However, sometimes dates and times may change, so it is best to check our Events page. Here, you will find the time and date for each performance in the coming month, as well as who will be performing.

Romantic Restaurant With Live Piano Music

There’s a vibrant energy in Little Italy, and we love to be a part of it. If you’re looking for a great date-night experience, it doesn’t get much better than a romantic restaurant with live piano music right in the heart of Little Italy. At Puerto La Boca, we offer a perfect combination of dinner and entertainment. From our in-house pianist at our piano bar, to the soulful guitarists and mesmerizing vocalists who perform here, live music helps us create a magical date-night ambiance.

As San Diego’s #1 Argentinian restaurant, we’re committed to serving you a delicious meal in an atmosphere that’s truly enjoyable. Guests comment frequently on what an added pleasure our live music is to their dining experience, and we know you’ll feel the same. For your next romantic evening out, come dine on authentic Argentinian fare while live piano music pours from our baby grand piano, giving you and your date a night to remember.

This restaurant perfectly captures the feeling of a quintessential romantic environment that I thought only existed in movies.
— Jacqueline S., Yelp
Live music... candlelight...and a pitcher of sangria could never go wrong.
— Angie P., Yelp
This place is amazing. Food was perfect. Food was great. Oh and the live music. Did not expect it. Romantic place. Definitely great for a date night.
— Riggorus N., Yelp
From the candle light ambiance and the live guitarist- Daniel- singing and playing spanish and today’s hit music with his own flavor/style.... these on top of the delicious flavored food truly set the mood!!!!!!
— Irene D., Yelp
Had a delicious dinner last night, this restaurant is amazing. It just happened to be my birthday and the restaurant had live music that was just incredible. Made my day so super special! I can’t say enough about the food and service, it was simply divine! Will definitely be back. :)
— Lindsay L.

Who Performs at Puerto La Boca in Little Italy?

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Daniel Giaconi - House Guitarist & Vocalist

Daniel Giaconi is a musical composer grew up in the city of Mar de Plata, Argentina. His compositions are a part of diverse music projects. He participated in bands in a variety of different genres, including  rock, pop, jazz, funk, and alternative. He took part in Kroder's, ZUR, and Duping the Public. In 2017, he presented the play Herstory, which was created and directed by himself, in partnership with the Ballerina-Choreographer, Diana Follegati.

En Español:

Daniel Giaconi, musico-compositor nacido en la ciudad de Mar de Plata, Argentina. Sus composiciones fueron parte de diversos proyectos musicales. Participo en grabaciones de rock, pop, jazz, funk y alternativo. Fue integrante Kroder's , ZUR, Duping The Public. En el 2017 precento la obra Herstory, creada y dirigida por El, junto a la Bailarina-Coreografa Diana Follegati.

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Jaime - House Pianist

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Gabriela Aparicio - Latin Soul Guitarist & Vocalist

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TiTio - Artist at Puerto La Boca

Sebastian Reynal O’Connor, known as TiTio, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Coming from a family of artists, his passion for art was always inside his heart. His mother Raquel was the first inspiration that brought art to TiTio’s life. While growing up, he spent long hours in his mother’s studio admiring her paintings and sculptures. When he was in his early 20s, he took art classes at the School of Art Malena Davel, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2002, TiTio decided to move to the United States and once he was established in San Diego, he took classes at the Art Academy of San Diego. At the beginning, he was primarily interested in sculpture until he met his teacher Connie Athens, who introduced him into painting. Since then, he paints in oil, acrylics and other media. Today, TiTio devotes most of his time to painting, working with great enthusiasm and discipline in his studio.