Vegetarian Menu Items at Puerto La Boca

Vegetarian Menu Puerto La Boca Little Italy, San Diego

You probably know that Argentinian cuisine is famous for its steak, but did you know it also offers a bountiful array of vegetarian specialties? At Puerto La Boca, our menu is full of vegetarian food options, from fresh healthy salads to savory comfort food.

Here are some fan favorite vegetarian menu items we serve:

Bread & Chimichurri

Whether you come to Puerto La Boca for the steaks or vegetarian fare, you’ll fall in love with our Bread & Chimichurri appetizer. With predominant flavors of parsley and garlic, our chimichurri is paired with fresh warm bread, olives, and butter—the only hard part is limiting yourself to one order to save room for your entrée.


Stuffed turnovers go by many names around the world: calzones, pierogi, samosas, potstickers, dumplings, and more. In Argentina, we call them empanadas, and they can be stuffed with infinite combinations of meats, cheeses, and vegetables. At Puerto La Boca, in addition to our meat-filled empanadas, we also offer a couple of extremely popular vegetarian options: spinach and cheese, or corn and cheese.


If you love cheese but have never experienced the wonder that is grilled cheese, allow us to introduce you to Provoleta: grilled provolone cheese served with a slice of tomato, olive oil and oregano. Provolone is great on its own in a sandwich, but grilling gives it a nice sear on the exterior while keeping the interior incredibly soft and gooey.

Champiñones a La Provenzal

Mushrooms are often used in place of meat for vegetarian recipes, mostly for their uniquely “meaty” texture. But at Puerto La Boca, they are delectable all on their own, especially served “a la Provenzal.” We slice and sauté our mushrooms in white wine, garlic, and a touch of lemon, letting their natural earthy flavor shine.


Although salads have a reputation as a side dish, they can be filling entrées on their own. At Puerto La Boca, all our salad options are vegetarian, from our simple Ensalada Mixta to our elaborate Ensalada Mixta La Boca, which features mixed greens, candied walnuts, baby mandarins, figs, and Roquefort cheese.


Argentina’s regional specialties are heavily influenced by Italian cuisine. That’s why Puerto La Boca offers a selection of pastas perfect for vegetarian customers. Favorites include Canelones (cannelloni filled with spinach, mozzarella and ricotta in a bechamel cream sauce topped with tomato sauce) and Fettuccini Cuatro Quesos (fettuccine pasta in a cream sauce made with Roquefort, smoked mozzarella, parmesan and reggiano).

Side dishes

Our side dishes are 100% vegetarian friendly and 100% delicious, so if you want to make a meal of them—or combine with a salad or appetizer—go for it! Potato-based sides include Argentinian fries, mashed potatoes, and noisette potatoes. We also have mashed pumpkin, saffron rice, asparagus, sautéed spinach and steamed vegetables.

Vegetarian Options at Puerto La Boca Restaurant in Little Italy

Vegetarians usually have limited options to choose from when not dining in a vegetarian-specific restaurant, but Puerto La Boca offers a range of choices that goes beyond basic salads or pastas. And here’s a secret: Many of our vegetarian menu items are much-loved by meat-eaters as well. Shhh. 

Come see us in San Diego’s famous Little Italy neighborhood for your next date night or evening out with family and friends.