The Best Parking Options in Little Italy, San Diego

Little Italy is undeniably one of the coolest neighborhoods in San Diego. With the ocean to the West and downtown San Diego to the South, you’re surrounded by picturesque views that do an amazing job of complementing the many incredible bars and restaurants that call Little Italy home, including Puerto La Boca. The only downside to Little Italy is that parking can be tough sometimes, so that’s why Puerto La Boca, home to the best Argentinian food in San Diego, has created a guide to the best parking options near our restaurant.

Map view of Parking Locations in Little Italy, San Diego

Little Italy Valet

The Little Italy Valet is a great option if you don’t feel like looking for a good spot and just want to get to your meal. As of  September 1, 2018, the valet is $10.00 a vehicle. There will be a valet available every day of the week between 5:30 PM and 11:00 PM, with additional options depending on the day. For more information, check out the full Little Italy Valet schedule.

County of San Diego Parking Structure

The County of San Diego parking structure features parking for county workers by day and Little Italy patrons by night, providing affordable parking for only $10 a vehicle from 5:00 PM to midnight during the week and from 6:00 am to midnight on the weekends. Located on the corner of Cedar Street and Kettner Boulevard, this is a reliable option to find parking no matter how busy the streets are.

610 West Ash Street Parking

This parking lot allows you to park Monday through Friday from 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM and all day on the weekends for the low cost of $5 a vehicle. This lot is a local hidden gem!

Vici Luxury Apartments

Located at W Date Street and Colombia Street, this apartment complex offers pay per space public parking in their underground lot.

Washington Elementary School

Many people aren’t aware that this elementary school opens up their lot to public parking after regular school hours. It’s located at State Street and W Elm Street, a block away from Little Italy's main strip. The cost is just $10 and all proceeds go right back to the school itself. These donations ensure that the students at this STEAM focused school are given the technology they need,

Street Parking With Meters

There is street parking everywhere for those lucky enough to find a spot, featuring a meter that takes credit cards.

Other Parking Lots

There are a variety of other parking lots throughout Little Italy that can provide parking for a small fee. The two closest to Puerto La Boca are ABM Parking Lot, on 2131 India Street, and Ace Parking, on 834 West Grape Street. If you are curious what other parking is available near Puerto La Boca, either consult the map below or check out SpotHero, a great website and app to find available parking.

Contact Puerto La Boca With Questions About Little Italy Parking

If you are planning on coming to Puerto La Boca for lunch or dinner and are unsure where to park, give us a call. Not only are we experts in Argentinian cuisine, but we are also Little Italy parking experts! Call today at (619) 234-4900.